Debbie Gee Training 2017 15 MAY Debbie G is famous for her studies in the hairdressing industry in all over Europe and Far East. In 2017 she will share her skills and techniques for the establishment and retaining of a successful business . " The administration of a hair salon is hard work, although with the right system every day of a salon owner can become really easy, giving him time to make movements which will lead to great success. SEMINAR 1 Your name, who are you; What's your lientele. Skills of the teams manager. - What kind of leader are you; The team - interview , training, development and control . The Customers - the journey of the customer in the salon Advisory skills Set up targets for 2017 SEMINAR 2 Set up targets - are you in the right way? Team members evaluation Skills - motives Invoicing Development and retail Education - how long and how Systems, systems, systems Remaining in the Brand!