No, I do not want to use paint in my hair One of the most common problems we face is that the customer does not leave free itself changes or difficult to enter the world of dyeing .. The reasons can be .. - He wants a very natural result - Usually I like her hair as open by the sun - Believes that if the paint will the afflicted - There is no time - It is a very young age and NATURAL not allowed to enter even in the paint department. THE SOLUTION IS LIGHT DESIGNER !! Think of a product in less than a minute and without the use of paint, lightens hair up to 2 tons !!! And not only that... It is done when the client is already brushed, one minutes before leaving the salon !! natural Highlight the line of the haircut you have done and bring out the contours of your face. Give the result "Sun Kissed", without access to the technical work process Break the bars sometimes generated by bad paint passage do clients when color alone pass. Shine natural result the hair of the young generation. Put the customer in the process of thinking ... how nice it would be if emphasized the color of her hair !!