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For professional use only. The two step treatment for the removal of cosmetic color. A gradual and easily controllable system that allows partial or total correction of artificial pigmentation,Color Remover consists of two phases which are extremely delicate on the hair which allows you to remove and modify artificial color while leaving the natural pigments intact.


Take the two Sachets of Color Remover A + B from the box and mix them into a non-metallic bowl.

Apply the mixture on dry hair and massage for 15 minutes. Wrap the hair gently with a membrane and use heat for another 10 minutes. Total time 25 minutes.

Once you have reached the desired color, rinse the hair with plenty of water and carefully wash them. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

Once you have finished washing, it is necessary to do a test to make sure that all technical dyes have been removed. Swab the hair and apply on a small part oxygen 10vol. Let it act for 5 minutes. If the hair get darkner, you must repeat the procedure. If they don't then you're able to apply the color.

Dry the hair and continue applying the color by selecting 2 tones lighter than the desired, mixed with 30vol oxyzene. Color application must be done very quickly and the residence time must not be over 10 minutes.

You can repeat the Color Remover process 3 times the same day before applying the color.

It works exclusively on dyed hair.

It does not create patches.

It does not create "carot" shades.

It does not hurt even the most sensitive hair.

You can make flashes after applying Color Remover.


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Color Remover 12A + 12B X 30ml
114.08 €
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Color Remover 12A + 12B X 30ml
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