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Reconstructing protein integrator rich in Cystine, an amino acid naturally found in hair vital to its protection.

Applied after the reductive phase, it helps reconstruct the disulphide bonds, reinforcing the fibres of the cortex, preserving the natural elasticity of the hair.


In order for the product to work and achieve the result of Liss Advance the combination of Starter, Lisser, Integrator & Regenerator is required according to the instructions for use.

1. Wash the hair only once with the 3D Cleansing Shampoo, wipe gently and dry with the hairdryer.

2. On dyed hair, use StructuralTM before using the LisserTM + StarterTM

3. In a non-metallic bowl, mix 90ml Di LisserTM Treated hair or LisserTM Normal hair with 30ml StarterTM 3: 1 .Proceed with product application, starting from the neck. Apply it from the base to the edges, keeping a 1cm distance from the scalp. Let it act according to the results obtained during the diagnostic phase. Throughout the application time, keep your hair well straightened with the help of a comb.

4. At the end of application , rinse carefully and gently wipe the hair with a towel.

5. Spray plenty of IntegratorTM on wet hair and comb for 1-2 minutes to spread the product equally.

6. Dry the hair thoroughly with the hairdryer and use the straightening iron repeating at least 3 times Start from the neck and continue on all the hair.

7. Pour 120ml RegeneratorTM in to a bowl and apply it with the brush directly to the hair, avoiding contact with the scalp. Straight your hair with your hands or with a comb and let the product act for 5-10 minutes. At the end of application time, rinse with plenty of water. Maximum application time 30 minutes


Fine hair 5 minutes

Medium hair 20-25 minutes

Thick hair 30 minutes


Fine hair 10 minutes

Medium hair 10-15 minutes

Thick hair 20 minutes

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Liss Advance Integrator 200ml
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Liss Advance Integrator 200ml
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