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For professional use only. PBF Color Luminity is the demipermanent without ammonia coloring line that meets the most frequent colour requirements and interprets the trendiest fashion dictates with a flawless technique.

It gives hair a super radiant color and regenerates them thanks to its technological formulation based on the fusion of two innovative active ingredients, Luminescina and Re-Texture Complex.

Moreover, it naturally covers grey hair without lightening the base.

Luminescina is a patented, next-generation natural ingredient, that absorbs and converts the UV radiations into a new light source, that is generated directly on the hair increasing their radiance. Luminescina is obtained from the petals of the flower of mullein, a plant found throughout the Mediterranean area and is also found in Italy, in the province of Syracuse.

Re-Texture Complex is a molecule derived from silk and covers the entire surface of colored hair with a silky and resistant film giving the hair a soft and smooth texture. Moreover, it secures the pigments of color inside, maintaining the intensity of color over time.

PBFC Demipermanent Luminity 1+2 80ml No 8,13 Luminity_Light_Blond_Cold_Beige

1:2 dilution ratio with Professional by Fama Color Developer 10 and 20 vol.

BLOND CHIC 15 minutes a month to create from the dark base the best blonde ally. How? Giving shading a natural appearance, avoiding unsightly color changes on areas of red in the darker parts, removing overly evident color differences.

PURE BRUNETTE just 15 minutes a month to enhance the natural notes of hair without unwanted red effects. How? Giving a warm but not red result, enhancing the natural color of the hair, creating depth and movement.

NATURAL SUN enhances the beauty of shades for that sun-kissed effect. How? Redefinig blonde contrasts, recreating the unique style of highlights as if it were the first time, regenerating the color and structure of hair.

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PBFC Demipermanent Luminity 1+2 80ml No 8,13
14.76 €
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PBFC Demipermanent Luminity 1+2 80ml No 8,13
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