Spree, relaxation, escape ...  one word: Holidays! Care your hair after your summer holidays! Wonderful sea, sun, sand. We spend a lot of fun, but our hair crys out for help! Imagine your body receiving the daily sea water, rubbed the sand, to the burning sun and the only thing to do is just a bubble bath. Neither sunscreen or body lotion. You probably would feel intense itching and terrible "pulling" your skin. So why do you think that the hair does not need special care? Unfortunately the biggest mistake we make is to pay attention to other parts of our body, nice nails, makeup, pale skin and not something that looks from the first moment someone we know: Our hair!! But it’s never too late, especially if you follow these tips: 1st stage) Basic rule, start to wash your hair with lukewarm water and as you can tolerate the cold. The result is to close the "scales" of the hair, and the hair will become daily more flexible and much more shiny! It will also regulate the oiliness of your skin so not only you will reduce hair loss (do not forget that the season) but also will have more volume, more lightly with hair longer in your hairstyle. hair lift Stage 2) There is nothing more powerful from Hairlift of Professional By Fama. The hydrolyzed keratin and proteins and milk, exert their action by the inside of your hair, to the outer horny shell (what we called the prior scales). What does this mean practically? Your hair acquire more body, become stronger, do not break anymore and gradually weakens the bracket most likely created. Imagine that with four consecutive applications, you get back 80% of the health of your hair! 3rd stage) At home you need something equally powerful, but concurrently and practical for the care of your hair. Wash your hair with a shampoo enhanced hydration, and continuous spray on the hair 20 For You!! You'll be surprised by how smooth, manageable and shiny will be while concurrently reduces frizz, protect from temperature and from the hair or press and from the sun and helps in longer combing and your color. Unbelievable!   3dimension 4th stage) If every morning you wake up and your hair is tangled, before bed make a very loose braid. In the morning your hair will have style, it will be smooth and easy to comb! 20foryou