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A+ Definer Strong Hold Spray 500ml

Strong hold hairspray ideal for defining every your look. Extra strong hold that leaves no residue. Workable with dryers, curling tongues and straighteners, it sculpts and smooths the hair, leaving them looking bright and shiny.

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17.61 €

A+ Memorize Style Spray 200ml

Light spray for memorising the movements of a look. Multi-purpose. It sets the movement and waves obtained using tools during the styling phase.

In the finishing phase, by cooling the section, it locks in movement and memorises it.

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18.60 €

20 For You Spray 120ml

A functional treatment with multiple effects: 20 actions in a single product to care for and beautify all types of hair.

20FORYOU is as effective as a mask, as practical as a spray, simple to use.

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19.84 €

A+ Amplifier Thickening Spray 200ml

Thickening and volumising spray which offers extreme springiness to fine hair.

A light spray which enables the hair to be worked only where it is needed and in any phase of the service.

A+ series offers:

18.60 €

Pomade Wax for Grey Hair 120ml

This pomade models and makes up matural white - gray hair.

It protects, moisture and gives glow to hair.

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16.12 €

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